Business in the front…

So I promised a friend she would get to see a picture of the post-cub Wulf with a bit more hair. Now, for those that don’t look at older posts in a blog, there is one in mine that will show you the Wild Wulf in his major party days. You can find it in this post here. Moving forward in time, however, here is me in all my mullet glory. You can see the beginnings of the “recede”  on the top left (your right as you view), but I did have me some thick hair. When wet it would hit almost the middle of my back.


…party in the back



          1. In due time, friend. There will be a post that deems it necessary. It will we worth the wait — so much laughter, you won’t have to work out in any way shape or form for, like, 2 weeks.

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        1. I told ya the ladies loved grabbing those locks. There were a few that were in college with me (I went back when older and was when this was taken) that liked to sit behind me in the theatre style rooms just so they could play with it. No lie!

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  1. I feel like I grew up with you now. I didn’t so much have a mullet as I was too busy (or lazy) to cut my hair for years at a time. My pony tail went to the small of my back, off and on, until sometime in my late 20’s. The missus will remember far better than I. 😉

    Seriously, though, didn’t you just live two blocks over, and 7 houses down?

    If no, it must have been two other wolves …

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