Christmas Magic

Just goes to show you that the magic is still out there when you so desperately need it. Thank you, Quebecois.

Read the full report here.

Bless Ruby Palermo’s heart. This 79-year-old grandmother from Sulphur, in southwestern Louisiana near Lake Charles, has been getting drunk-dialed by folks up north in Quebec for years, and she keeps putting up with it, according to a report from CBC News in Canada.

The reason for the calls: Her phone number is close to the one used by Operation Nez Rouge, the volunteer service in Quebec that offers holiday drivers a free ride home in their vehicle if they’ve had too much to drink, CBC reports.

“When well-lubricated Quebecers omit the 866 prefix, the call is often redirected to Palermo’s home in Sulphur, La.”

Palermo told CBC: “I can tell that they’re from Quebec. I know what it is immediately. I tell them right away: ‘You are talking to someone in the United States.’ I think everyone knows ‘United States’ whether they can talk English or not.”




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