Empty Touch

I rise to the dark and quiet,
To the still black of night.
Comfort holds me and wraps me
In its soothing blanket of ink.
For there is where you wait for me.
Those golden beams so soon to come
That reward the world with light and life
Rip you from my visions and leave me
Grasping for what I’ve never held.


      1. It’s because they are so beautifully challenging. I cannot not say anything, or even worse say things like: Yes, no, beautiful, nice. 🙂
        They tickle me, they provoke me, they talk to me and I talk back. They understand me. I try to grasp them too.

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  1. There is a peaceful feeling at the beginning, as if the darkness is welcome, but then so much sorrow at the end, as if the anticipation of the break of darkness was what gave peace and then it’s staying that gave sorrow. A complex piece!

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      1. Bojana said that and yes, I totally see it as well. Yours is really a journey and I feel like I have had and will continue to have the gift of going on parts of that journey with you. You give that with your writing. There is motion to your poetry. It’s gorgeous!

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