Doorway to Darkness

Of light i am. In light i lived.
Radiant roads were all i trod on paths that lay before me simple and true.
Twisting roads of life’s events did not deter nor sway
the steady gait i marched each day. i know me.

From whence i heard It no memory would reveal how It came
To be in that room of my soul guarded by years of choice.
Dripping shadows trickled down and etched Its frame
Into the wall of my luminescent heart. i remember me.

i stood before It then. i trembled at Its haunting call.
The voice of a stranger, but strangely my voice,
Sang words with my tongue to summon me closer.
i reached out. i touched It. It knows me.

My fingers caressed Its living surface. It sighed with ecstasy
As i grasped the handle in submission to Its dark clarion,
And It showed me shapes of beauty bound. A gift. It’s reward.
To open It was to become It. i am It. i forget me.

part I of Reflections of Darkness

originally written and published by me on 7/30/2017


  1. This one feels very deep. I think I get it, which is a little scary to me. Does it feel therapeutic to express it in such a way?

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  2. I love this mental journey! It reminds me of being locked in a mental state, trying to get up, hence “dragging up the stairs”. Keep writing, I love the dark writing, people need to write more like this. You could even add onto this and make it episodes, what happens in the basement, attic, corner, so on. Definatly giving me inspiration to write in that space again. Thank you!

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