The day, the drive, the morning meld,
With every mile the darkness departs.
A rising glow that greets and gathers
My disconnected bits of orbiting thoughts.

The journey east inevitable. Unenviable.
At first a sight most welcome waving me onward.
And then a gentle kiss touches my mind
As thoughts of you invade me most welcoming.

Within third eye a face, a smile, appears
And seizes the sun from this magic morning.
West, it pulls me. West, it calls me.
West, I long to go where west lays she.

photos taken from my morning drive when words did percolate


  1. ❤️. I love when you feel the moments -almost physically tangible! Perhaps the sun and you were both being pulled westward, kindred. A strong and compelling piece. Ride the sunshine this way… : )

    Liked by 1 person

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