Personal Playground

One up. One down. False balance.
Polarity shifts position and placement
Trying to take the peak
You sought from your valley.

Thoughtless climb leaves you stranded.
Abandoned. Alone at the top
Staring down the chasm of disconnect
Only to falter and slip. To slide.

Chains of suspension. Detention. Bolted.
Holding the strap that binds you. Confines you.
Swinging in place to avoid true movement
Until it finally stops. Or you leap off.

Round and round you go,
Following the self you try to catch.
Always ahead. Always behind.
Never where you are.

originally written and published by me on September 11th, 2017


      1. It is often that the poems I love most are the ones that continually get rejected, but it doesn’t change my love for them. I love to read your excitement about certain poems of your own that you love; I can feel joy from you about it! I am smiling as I type this!

        Liked by 1 person

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