Wonders Rare

I went to sleep with heart uneasy
And mind adrift from the day’s rewind.
Slumber did not escape, so darkness fell
In ever descending waves of forget.
Trickling, incessant, drops from skyborn cries
Beat their rhythms, and herald with restful summons.

When light’s first break did softly wake
I thought a dream had come and held me fast.
The door I opened with youthful anticipation
Revealed a sight my childlike eyes took in.
This blanket of virgin’s tears did grace my world
And show her wondrous face once more.

For those who might not understand, this is a sight not seen here since 2009. Snow is the most incredibly rare weather event for those of us in the deep south. The Featured Image and one below I both took this morning.



    1. Thank you. I really liked that line as well. This is one that came somewhat rapidly.

      No, did not build a snowman. Unfortunately we are not quite at freezing, so it makes for some off stuff. We should hit 28f overnight though.

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        1. Brrrrr is right. Yeah we don’t see that…freezing isn’t as rare as snow since the conditions have to be just right for the snow to fall. Accumulation is even harder because the ground is not frozen. Wonderful treat today for some.

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