Remembering the Road

Circling back to a promise I made, I decided to return to the deep-digging of blog reading. Some of my followers…wow I really do not like the pretentiousness of that word and phrase…some of you who read what I write might not know this next writer, but so many of you do. There is a selfishness to this thing I do. This going to the beginning of someone’s blog and reading everything they wrote. It is an attempt to get to know the mind behind the words. The soul behind the voice. The heart behind their expressions. I believe it has been a wonderful experience for both myself and the writer. I have come to know and be known by some amazing people. I have seen things that forever mark me and maybe even them. I read and read and read. I liked and liked and liked. I commented here, and I commented there. I arrived, right? I mean I made it to the end, and I was now caught up.  It was time to do it again, I thought to myself.

No, really, I did. I looked to my left and said “Hi, Self.” (Well how the hell do you say hi to your Self? Sheesh, it’s not like am some weirdo or something.) Actually, I used to look to my right, but I’ve noticed that my Self isn’t there anymore. My Self has decided to see the world through a different perspective. Probably good that my Self did, because off I went to visit Paul. The infamous @desertcurmudgeon. It was time to fulfill that promise.

So I went as far to the beginning of his blog as I could and started here. I read it, remembering that I had read it once before, but it read different to me this time. I read it through the eyes and soul of this explorer on a quest to meet Paul at the other side of what would be a long journey of getting to know him. I read about his self-exploration that was the heart of this piece. I read about how his intellectual quest for spiritual growth crashed down upon his head in a dawning realization of darkness. There is a humility to his words that obviously is born from an honest soul. There truly is no pretense in his prose. Yes, there are concepts many may not be familiar with or understand, but that is the subject matter, not the messenger. He has a way of bringing it all back in to a place where can feel comfortable.

When we swear and pray in equal measure, we literally create the Cosmos. – @desertcurmudgeon

This is a line from the end of that blog, and it sticks with me. I went to his blog to begin my journey of getting to know him. With this first reading, however, he shifted my perspective in such a degree that, at least for this one, I am not going to continue. Here is the reason why. Not everyone is the same. There is NO destination for this one. It is the journey that matters. So, Paul, I will not await you at the end of your blog with a flagon or a pipe. Instead, I will joyously walk beside you down this desert road and see the world through your eyes. Thank you for the journey and reminding me that is often the road and not the camp that matters.


  1. Wow. I’m struck rather speechless at reading such kind words at the very start of my day. So for now, I’ll simply say that it’s as great a privilege to have you along for my journey as it is to accompany you on your own. Thank you!!

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