Choices are…

There are few things in life that are guaranteed. No, this isn’t about the Grand Certainty. It is about one certainty that most people take for granted. Every day, every person everywhere has to make choices. Some of us have the luxury to choose about most everything in our lives. Others have a lot of that freedom taken from them.

There are easy choices. There are hard ones. There are simple choices. There are complex ones. Unfortunately, choosing is part of a human equation. Consequence is the other part. It’s the silent part. It’s the part, I feel, that has become a victim of this odd social dynamic we now find ourselves. It’s also the part I fear has altered the landscape of humanity in such a way that we haven’t begun to truly see its impact.

For those that think they are in the clear by avoiding making certain choices to alleviate any sense of guilt for making the wrong choice, I shall give you this quote:

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.
– n peart

How many times yesterday did you have to make a choice? I would wager more than you think. Why? Because we constantly make unconscious choices. Examples? Sure…why the hell not. I am in a giving mood:

  • When you woke up did you decide to get out of bed?
  • What did you choose for breakfast?
  • Did you choose not to have breakfast?

I think you can see what I am getting at in regards to the quantity and conscious clarity of these decisions from the small example above. So what about other choices? Did you encounter anyone today? The list of possible people points are also much larger these days due to technology and social media. What the hell is up with these lists Wulf??? I guess I must be a little list loopy, so humor me.

  • Do you live alone? If not, did you interact with anyone there? Did you have to make choices about how you would speak to them or react to how they spoke to you?
  • Did you call anyone?
  • Did you get any calls? Did you decide NOT to answer or return that call?
  • What about texts or emails? Did you answer them? Were you genuine in your discourse?
  • Did you go shopping? What about your encounters with the other shoppers or the store employees?

Can you see how those subtle and simple choices impacted your day? What about the day of those on the other end of choice? What was the consequence of just one of those choices? Was the consequence even considered before making that choice? If anyone might be feeling guilty, then you are NOT alone. I don’t write this perched upon some pedestal of righteous superiority. No, I join you in wallowing amidst the muck selfish impertinence. So what is a Wulf to do? Ah, you see, I still have a choice. While I can choose what to do in each moment of contact, I cannot choose the consequence. My hope, however, is that the consequence of my next choice will be to positively impact those of you who chose to read this.

So I shall end this with the choice of this message. Please listen to this next song, sung by one of the most amazing voices this planet has ever heard, and know that you have the choice to be unforgettable to someone. Many of you have become unforgettable to me. And what amazing consequences can come from being positively unforgettable to someone else.


  1. I’m in the answering mood, so:

    When you woke up did you decide to get out of bed?
    -No, my baby woke me up so I had to.
    What did you choose for breakfast?
    -Nothing, I skipped. Didn’t have time. He wanted all my attention.
    Did you choose not to have breakfast?
    -No. Haven’t you read what I just said?

    Conclusion: Moms don’t get to choose for themselves. Their babies ‘tell’ them what to do.

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  2. Even in a post with lists, you end with poetry. It is in your blood my friend. As for choice; I remember a psychiatrist (a family member – there are 3 Psychiatrists in my family, which may or may not be telling) told me that part of his job was to help people discover that they have more choices, different choices than they may be exercising or have know about. Choices can be terrifying, empowering, pedantic, but yes, we are constantly making them. My hope is that, as I get older, I learn to exercise more forethought.

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