Event Horizon

Always on the download with you. Bombarded.
My uploads can’t pass your walls of fire.
The rat-at-at-at of non-stop you clips and chips away
Leaving no room to see there is an actual me. Was a me.

The world spins left, but not for you in your personal orbit.
The me that wishes and wants to be screams at the me that must
Until the two are locked and huddled together in permanent struggle
To be claimed and swallowed by the encompassing black hole that is you.

Magnetic pressure from your event horizon comes in wave after wave
That pulls and presses creating new stresses from within and without.
You rend. You Warp. Altering matter. My Matter. Why matter?
A void to fill until time returns and begins to devour it once again.


originally published by me on 9/9/17


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