Spellbound Surrender

Your arrival and beauty bewitched me.
Your words made me vulnerable to your whims.
Your presence devoured and defied me
And challenged my soul’s reflection.
You found me then bound me.
You woke me then broke me.
While each touch was a torment,
The anguish of your absent lips
Carved a gaping chasm of need
That left me shaking with want;
Quaking in hope of a gifted glance.
The promise of your kiss drives me
Until I fall at your feet, grasping,
Gasping to breathe the air that is you.


  1. Very sensual and if I dare say I’m sensing a change in your style. It seems different from the ones I’ve read before. This is still a compliment, you know. Art changes and so do its children. It’s an endless motion, and a continual growth.
    I like the rhyme though generally I’m not a fan of the rhyme.

    I’m damn smart today.

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    1. It definitely is sensual, although not the first. Depending on which ones you’ve read, you might or might not have encountered some of the others. I would hadn’t really thought about an evolving style before, although I have done some rhyming. Thank you for the deeper feedback.

      And you’re smart every day!

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        1. I’m curious as to how much it might have appeared to change. I am too close to what I write so can’t really tell, especially with the pieces that bear some similarities in subject matter.

          It is going well enough, thank you for asking. And yours? What is the time difference and where exactly are you?

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          1. Munich, Germany. 10.20pm.
            BTW, it was only an observation, not necessarily a bad or a good thing, so don’t give it too much thought (though I believe each change shines a new light).
            I’m working on sth which I initially detested. You’ll find out soon…

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      1. I taste the difference between the slowly kneaded words and the quick rising words. When they come quickly and are written swiftly, for whatever reason, they linger differently on the tongue and and leave a different feeling, an urgentness I guess you could say, that is different than the words that come up and are still put through the paces before making it to the paper.

        I see it in my own writing. I’m more raw, unfettered, and in my emotion when I write feverishly than when I process and edit and reread and edit and read again and polish.

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