A Wulf and His Turkey

So today is the day before what we Americans call Thanksgiving. Many of you will undoubtedly think well duuuuh of course it is. I mention it being Thanksgiving so to be mindful of the non-Americans that are some of those who read my poems and such. Hi @Bojana, @Fawkes, and @Priya just to name a few. I will not bore you with the traditional story of Thanksgiving nor pontificate about any of the subsequent implications surrounding our nation’s arrival, et al. If you are a vegan or vegetarian…this might not be your read.

What I will do is take you with me today as I prepared tomorrow’s turkey. You see, I cook one every year to bring to our family  gathering. (We actually have to drive an hour to get there, so it makes sense to cook it and carve it ahead of time.) So how does a Wulf cook a turkey? First…get a turkey. Coupon you ask? Coupon shmoupon. This here Wulf knows when to buy a turkey…just gotta watch for the right ad. Done and only at .49/lb baby. So on to the cooking!!!

I use a device from Char-Broil called the Big Easy oil-less fryer. Down here in the south, we like to fry….EVERYTHING!!! @Gwen if you are reading this how about giving us a “well I do declare” in “yah best suthuhn drahl”. The fried turkey in this here south was a big hit. It was also a big health hazard for many many reasons. First, there’s the whole fried shit ain’t good for  ya nonsense. Well that wasn’t really reason enough for Dixie Dwellers to look for an alternative. This, hazard, however was:

You see, frying requires oil…peanut oil…oil is flammable. Do you see why I just lerves me some livin’ wit’ these here rocket surgeons? OK so in comes a new cooker that uses NO oil. It is pure convection heat. The turkey, however, gets golden crispy just like a fried one. All with out oil. So let me take you on a photo journey of today’s cooking of the bird. I hope you enjoy the trip. Make sure you stay till the end.

The BigEasy Oiless Cooker
thawed – I did remove pop-up
After applying a dry rub inside and out.
Putting it into the cooker – notice you can see down to the bottom
Making a stock from the giblets
After 1 hour in the cooker
After about 2hours 45 minutes – done
Sitting waiting to be carved
The is the drippings that will become the killer gravy with the giblet stock I made.
This is my special boy. You’ll hear more about him one day. He wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving!!!






  1. My dear, you couldn’t bore me even if you tried (and guess what, I know everything I need to know about the history of Thanksgiving). Even though I’m not celebrating it, I’d gladly join your feast only if I could, which answers your question – yes, I’m a carnivore.

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