Rush Reboot – The Body Electric (1984)

There are days, I must admit, when this one rings true to me. Oft times there is a feeling of alienation and isolation that does seem to coalesce around me like some wet suit. The reasons are many…varied…close…far away.

Unit 1’s in trouble and it’s scared out of its wits.

I quoted sections of it in a post I made called Robot, I that some of you have read before. I am posting this week’s reboot a day early so tomorrow doesn’t pass me by. This is The Body Electric from the album Grace Under Pressure.

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

One humanoid escapee
One android on the run
Seeking freedom beneath
A lonely desert sun

Trying to change its program
Trying to change the mode —
Crack the code
Images conflicting
Into data overload

In distress

Memory banks unloading
Bytes break into bits
Unit one’s in trouble
And it’s scared out of its wits

Guidance systems break down
A struggle to exist —
To resist
A pulse of dying power
In a clenching plastic fist…

It replays each of the days
A hundred years of routines
Bows its head and prays
To the mother of all machines…


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