Tidal Pools

Cresting and breaking as the moon pulls. Me.
Across my infinite self to land. You.

The first kiss from your spray touched lips
Encourages me to push again and again,
Further and further along that beckoning shoreline.

Each pull away from you is agony, until
With renewed strength of need driving me
I crash again and again over you. In you.

Embraced at last you hold my soul fast
As I am torn asunder while most flows back
To where my lonely search for you began.

Cupped in your hands, what remains of me sighs with release
And pools to take refuge in the tiny pockets of your heart.

originally written and published by me on 8/7/17


  1. ❤️. Oh man …. this one made me cry. Jeez….
    Do you feel the words as deeply as they express?
    “Cupped in your hands, what remains of me sighs with release.”

    How do you do that? Heartfelt!

    Liked by 2 people

                    1. Aw nuts. I didn’t even notice I had that title in there. Now I feel stupid. I hit paste on it from something else and then got distracted. Ignore that for now and just focus on the body. Grrrrrrrrrr. Till I can change it.

                      Liked by 1 person

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