Call of the Wild

Silver disc slowly climbs skyward. Come.
Rustle of leaves beckon it forth from hiding. Come.
Soft footfalls faintly paint the quiet. Come.
Figure in white breaks the deepening night. Come.

Quiet mind begins to spin. Go.
Hungry heart quickens with restless beat. Go.
Searching soul stretches forth with eager need. Go.
Aching eyes seek with piercing gaze. Go.

Captured prey succumbs with eager gift. Take.
Tender flesh flushes pink with heated rise. Take.
Ragged breaths grow loud with release. Take.
Crumpled forms joined sing in shared voice. Take.


            1. I am glad…I haven’t written one from “this place” in awhile. Not always sure how they sound or seem to others. Not that I write for others, necessarily. But I do wonder how and what I see/hear/feel and try to translate is interpreted by others.

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