Every arrival comes with a welcome smile.
…every departure goes with a final wave.
Every hello brings with it joy unconditional.
…every goodbye cuts out more than I thought left.


      1. Part of what I love about your writing is how open and vulnerable it is. Our fur babies are our kids and when they hurt, I hurt. Our youngest has been having some health stuff lately and I can’t bear to see her suffer. But, I give her some peanut better in a kong, and her woes fly out the window.

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        1. Nice…my oldest is 20…I’ve had him since he was about 5 weeks old. There is a special bond with he and I that a few here, like Rita, Gwen, Paul, and Tom have seen. That day will be as hard on me as anything and anyone I have or will lose.

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          1. My oldest is 15. I rescued her when she was about 3 weeks old; her eyes were still blue and she couldn’t take two steps without faltering. I fed her with a dropper. The vet said she may not survive, but here she is all these years later. She is now starting to show signs of age and I can’t image her not being here with us. She is my special Daisy!

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