Beauty Found

Completely still. Sitting. Locked with others. I glance.
Traversing a world in reverse with self condemnation and pain.
Stop. Take stock. My eyes lose focus to breathe in these colors.
I alone and not. Seeing what won’t wait long. Won’t last.
Perfect reflection refracts and distracts from mood so somber.
A wave of relief rises from words so sincere and serene
Given by you who is bathed in a world of romance reborn.

This is a picture I took this evening while I was stuck in traffic on my way home from work. It was only a picture until someone breathed life and meaning into it for me.


    1. Thank you. (It’s also my favorite in this one.) I won’t lie. That picture came out so freaking amazing considering I just rolled down my window and took it. I didn’t even use the “burst” setting to pick the best.

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    1. OH I remember this one…I was sitting dead still in traffic after a long day…I looked to my left and saw that….had to capture it.

      Thank you for saying such. I really am more on the hope than hopeless side. I don’t think I could be “a healer” as Brooke called me if I wasn’t.

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      1. You are definitely more on the hope side, but even when you explore the darker things in your writing, there is so much beauty. I think a huge part of what makes you a healer is your ability to truly see people, to face who they are and, inevitably, who you are. It is a gift!

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