Rush Reboot (bonus track) – Sweet Miracle (2002)

As so often happens with my Reboots I get touched by certain songs and the way they connect themselves to people in this tribe. I was thinking of something Gwen (@Kintsukuroi) put in a comment in this post she made in regards to being part of this tribe. It also made me reflect on the way I stumbled across her blog and what ensued. I, for one, am EXTREMELY glad to have found you. I know of others that feel the same way. So this one’s for you, Gwen, and a shared sweet miracle.

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

I wasn’t walking on water
I was standing on a reef
When the tide came in
Swept beneath the surface
Lost without a trace
No hope at all
No hope at all

Oh – sweet miracle
Oh – sweet miracle
Of life

I wasn’t walking with angels
I was talking to myself
Rising up to the surface
Raging against the night
Starless night

Oh – sweet miracle
Love’s sweet miracle
Of life

Oh salvation
Oh salvation

I wasn’t praying for magic
I was hiding in plain sight
Rising up from the surface
To fly into the light


  1. “I was talking to myself
    “Rising up to the surface
    “Raging against the night”

    That is where I live at the moment… talking to myself, raging against many dark things, yet when I’m writing and in a good head-space I feel myself rising.

    Thank you! I needed this… More than you know.

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      1. I sometimes forget that there are those who see beyond the surface of what I’m writing to the deeper truths of my life. Its funny that I can be so honest and vulnerable here when in person I have a propensity to be the complete introvert with most people.

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                    1. Stupid fat finger of Kintsukuroi and can’t edit on iPad. 😡 it is a fulltime decision, but should also be yours to make. Guessing I can figure out the impedance and that it no longer is there to impede.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Good! You deserve to laugh. Btw sent message last week via your contact page with a question. Not sure if you got it. Feel free to use mine for non-comment stuff. Turning in.


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