A Poet’s Pain

I’m open now. Flung wide and let it all in.
It is something. It is everything. Or nothing.
It beats. It soothes. It gives. It takes.
It rakes me over blue-black coals and embers
Of fires I never knew burned so cold.
A door once closed meant I was safe. Was sound.
I was secure in not knowing. Not seeing. Not feeling.
A life less traveled on roads I’d never trod
Brought gifts of simple smiles. Blissful days.
Words that echo and build to break within me
Burst forth in a flood of furious release
To flow upon the page in hopes of granting relief.
They do. They don’t. They settle. They won’t.
This writer wonders if and what may be unseen. Unfelt.
Within this well of words dwell all my ugly beauty
And truthful lies that bubble and boil unbidden.
They simmer in this swirling shadowy mindscape
Awaiting a call, a summons that is not quite mine.
Thought painted pictures erupt and come to life
Causing some who see to embrace while some recoil.
The voice that carries, though, touches all but one.
For hearing such would burden bring on back
Who’s load they’ve born far too long. Far Too far.
Time it ticks. Touches all with fingers of wind
Until the sea washes the sand and shuts the door.


  1. Lovely!!!
    Yes, closed doors mean safety. And maybe also fear, superficiality, and ignorance.
    Not knowing is always easier.
    A guy commenting on my last post said how this journey I’m taking can be quite dangerous.
    Precisely. Besides, I knew right from the start it’d be bumpy.
    We have to go deep to find some answers.
    Imagine a world in which we would more often choose the roads less traveled.

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    1. Exactly. The poem’s not necessarily saying it’s a bad thing, to become a poet. But it really does alter one’s perception of everything around them. Sounds like he is not comfortable with self-examination. I am glad you are.

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  2. Deeply expressive. So many emotions exploding when reading; searching, humility, sadness, loneliness.
    Some visual comparisons, that are striking.
    You should submit this one to some publications, it is really good.

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  3. This is the writing life, the writers soul. I love this one so much!!!!! This….”Words that echo and build to break within me” and this…”Within this well of words dwell all my ugly beauty…so good, so powerful!

    Liked by 1 person

              1. I just found a bunch of comments from you in my spam – I read them and approved them, but can’t find them to respond to them. Thank you thank you thank you for all of this amazing reading and commenting that you are doing. You really are so truly lovely!!!!

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