Simplify Me

The world isn’t flat or round.
It’s a double-helix of doubt and fear.
Every strand is woven to another
Like some massive metropolitan interchange.
There are too many choices. Too many turns.
Too many forks. Too many faces. Too many wrongs.
The ups and downs of forced smiles and frowns
That are worn wear thin this veil of sanity.
The chaotic ping of pinball bells and bongs
Beat and berate until with hands on head I quit.
I long for the lone, the quiet, the dark.
The morning moments of me are too few.
This coattail is frayed from fingers and hands
That clench and clutch to pull them in spite of me.
It’s less not more, that I seek from the light in your eyes.
In your arms I come to you to find me. To simplify me.


  1. Hi. This one feels different than some of your others. It certainly keenly expresses how I feel sometimes! Thank you for writing it eloquently! The line, “This coattail is frayed from fingers and hands” was visually powerful to me. I feel weighted a lot. Very, very well done. I desperately need a simpler me … now to find the arms … : )

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