Dusting Off the Shovel and Finding Gold

I haven’t ventured back into the waters of prose and reflection for a while. I think it is partially due to the inadequacies I feel about my actual “blogging” instead of my poems. (I honestly never thought I would have considered myself a poet let alone a writer, so I truly appreciate the compliments from those that have called me one.) There are so many writers out there that humble me with their amazing skills and stories. I’ve mentioned a few before that touched me, and I even put down in my blog called Perspective how moved I was by one in particular @BrookeBreazeale that it caused me to pause and reflect. How was I approaching reading their stories. How much was I investing to truly understand what they were trying to tell me. How was I going about getting to know them. Long story short, I went through her blog in chronological order to truly attempt to see it through their eyes and not mine. I referred to this as “digging deep” into their blog. I then decided to dig deep into another favorite of mine by @TheIncurableDreamer and was touched again by the way it changed me and my views. I am working on the brilliance of @desertcurmudgeon, but his takes a bit longer for this lesser mind. Sadly, I allowed myself to fall away from these incredibly soul-searching journeys.


I often read comments by others on blogs I follow. I like to do this as it is how I have come to find some of you in my “tribe” as Brooke calls it. I have found some amazing places and poets as well as wonderful worlds and their writers. Yesterday was one such day. My world was shattered in a most profound and positive way. I decided to start looking at a blog by a fairly new writer. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Her name is Gwendolyn (Gwen), and I can honestly say I do not think I have ever had the privilege of connecting with someone exactly like her before. Some of you know her as there are shared sites and followers around here, but for some of you she will be new. Gwen is a must visit, and her blog Kintsukoroi Life is a testament to an intangible greatness that will leave you in awe.

You will immediately understand what I mean about strength. It is evident and obvious in the subject matter of her writings. What rocked me, however, was the clarity of her writing, the brilliance of her mind, and the way she tells her story. There is another layer to her that ultimately took hold of me and would not let go. It is her sense of humor. There is a depth and magnitude here that put me in a state of total awe. It is in there that I “saw her” as she put it in reply to one of my comments. We chatted back and forth about a few many things (all in the comments for others to see) covering “the South” and weather…and food. Not to mention a shared love for Monty Python (YOU GO GIRL!!!) that only cemented what I thought I had come to know about her in those writings. I was proven right.

If it sounds like I am gushing…well ok I am gushing. Taking this “dig deep” journey was as rewarding and re-affirming as was the one I did for Brooke and Tanya’s. I truly hope some of you will take the time to dig deep on some of the blogs you follow so you can really “see them” for who they are, not who you think they are or want them to be. You will most certainly find gold.


  1. I don’t even know how to respond to this. First of all, you never cease to amaze me with your generosity and genuine desire to lift up those around you. It truly is inspiring. But to be put in the same ‘category’ or referred to in the same esteem as the writers you mentioned…It really just blows my mind.
    As for Gwen, well, you nailed it. Gushing is most certainly in order. Thank you for your kind, generous words and for the introduction. I think we officially have the newest member of our tribe. 🙂

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  2. There are so many things I am feeling after reading this post. At the forefront, is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Thank you for finding meaning in the words I write. I am so deeply honoured to be mentioned by you and grouped in with writers I regard as literary geniuses. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Earlier today I was thinking about the blog world I am immersed in, and what I thought was that I have finally found a place where I belong, A place that feels safe. In here, deep in the trenches, are like-minded people, many daring to expose their souls in search of understanding and meaning. I know I have. And, the beauty of it all, is that in here you can find those things and much, much more. The support and encouragement I have received, has saved me. You and others have helped me pull myself out of a sea of darkness, and I am so thankful to have found you all. This tribe is indeed magic, and I am going to do my very best not to take any of you for granted. Again, thank you, B.

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    1. I guess you and some of the others don’t see what I see because of your own proximity to yourselves. If nothing else, I am just trying to shine a light for you to see it. And who knows, maybe it will bring a little calm and peace in a much needed time.

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      1. Hopefully, some of us help do the same, shining some light for you too, as you do for us.
        BTW, you shouldn’t feel inadequate about your blogging at all since you’re pretty good with words. And can you please do me a favor and delete the quotation marks? They’re totally unnecessary.

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          1. Good.
            And since all we have said here wasn’t good enough (to make you insecurity disappear), you’ll have to go on writing as we’ll go on complimenting you. Now watch out, you set a high standard and as a result, the expectations have gone up. You need to surpass yourself.
            Just kidding. Be yourself!

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  3. Last night you had me in stitches as we spoke in the comments and you touched my heart with what you said then. Today, I am truly humbled to hear your generous and empowering thoughts about my writing and about me. I had to take time to digest before I could find words to respond. Thank you!

    I am happy to be a part of this tribe!

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    1. You weren’t the only one laughing, believe me. I had so much fun as we spoke last night. I don’t recall the last time I talked about my high school classics classes. You have a gift and it would have been wrong for me to horde it and not sing it from my little mountaintop.

      Your presence is greatly appreciated.

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  4. I hope you are feeling more confident about your prose, because it is fantastic! Your poetic sensibilities absolutely transfer to your prose, but in it there is also an edge that I really like. You are an amazing writer, no matter what it is you are writing. I will never cease to be in awe of your generosity and your desire to see and know people in deeper ways.

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    1. Thank you so very much for saying that. I think I have. I believe I have come to embrace what others like you have tried to convince me.

      I like that Gwen and I got to know each other from this deep dive. We’ve talked a lot off-line since then.

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      1. I am so glad. Tanya has said that we need to find and see the greatness in ourselves, and she is so right. It is such a journey for those of us who make the commitment to lay ourselves bare within the words. I love that you and Gwen have gotten to know each other; I could feel from the comments that there is an important and fun connection between you two.

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