Paradise Found

You saw him in the garden slinking and slithering.
You felt the cold-blooded touch of his coiled control.
You let fall that wall and auburn frame to drape your crystal eyes.
You let his fangs sink deep below the alabaster and feed on you.

His touch, his teeth, his tongue did drive you.
His scent enveloped you until you forgot salvation.
His words did warp until you lay open to all his wants.
His sudden absence left a war-torn wound in your perfect soul.

I felt the shadow’s fall from Faith’s precious gift of grace.
I heard soft prayers from lips too sweet and beautiful to ignore.
I see the strength of you without the presence of Providence.
I see that Paradise lays within you just waiting to be found. Not lost.

I’d like to thank @awriterssoul for her poem Paradise is Lovely This Time of Year as the inspiration for this one of mine.


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