A forest dim
Dark shadows cast
On lonely path.
She walked.
She skipped.
He spied.

Her cloak so red
That covered her
And framed her.
She stopped.
She breathed.
He sighed.

His voice so deep
It raked her mind
“Hello little girl.”
She turned.
She faced.
He smiled.

Her body stiff
Her breast so ripe
He touched that cloak.
She froze.
She bowed.
He drooled.

Her shoulders slumped
Her arms behind
He did not see the rope.
She twisted.
She tied.
He growled.

Her hand it held
Her beast the wolf
His heart she now did own.
He knelt.
He howled.
She claimed.

Inspired by a comment in The Ghost of Me 🙂 by @serendipitous web life.


  1. What a powerful twist to this fantasy. Amazingly creative spin! OMG that was sexy and thrilling. I loved the surprise! ❤️. ; ). Well done!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Concurring with Serendipitous Web Life. : ) !

      Hi brandewijn! Given your gravatar and the content and spirit of your excellent post, it is clear that you show a great degree of enthusiasm towards, and affinity with, the moon and the wolf.

      Therefore, SoundEagle would like to resonate with you and your post by introducing you to the enchanting poems and images published at

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