Time To Wonder

It’s become readily apparent that there is a pall hanging over so many people these days. I do not exclude myself from this, and I know there are exceptions. There are always exceptions, right? Most of what we are taking in our eyeholes these days are double stuffed-crust full of trauma inducing headlines and storyboards. We can’t escape it. Well we can, but I don’t recommend the option. Seriously!!!

I’ve touched before on the daily bombardments via all forms of media and how they impact us. I fear we are so hooked on input as a culture and society that we hold to the adage similar to any advertising is good advertising. In this case it’s any input is good input. Believe me when I say that is just not true. I believe that this constant state that we have immersed ourselves in is slowly chipping away at our souls.  I am sure that we each have our own list of what those triggers are that beat us up regularly. We are losing touch with the magic of ourselves, each other, and the world.

We are forgetting the joy in the feel of grass between our toes on a spring morning. We are forgetting the exultation and sheer awe of an autumn sunrise. We no longer appreciate that first scoop of ice cream on a summer afternoon the way we used to. We’ve lost the magic of driving on a cold winter’s night to see the houses decorated for Christmas. When is the last time you have consciously cut your cords and gone in search of your inner wizard? Oh, don’t you know about the inner wizard? Each of us have within us a being of such immense power that they can literally cast spells. Everyone has met theirs, at least once. Your inner wizard is the one that gave you the power to turn a stick into a sword. A broom into a horse. A Saturday morning into a world of make believe. The lucky few have their inner wizard on speed dial. Most of us just forgot what they looked like and believe they packed up and relocated somewhere. Like Fiji.  But they haven’t left us. They’ve just gone dormant. They are just waiting for us to come calling them back into our lives. And it’s not that hard. Repeat after me…

“Hey! Inner wizard!!! You there? Let’s go make some magic”

OK so you don’t have to say it that way, but you get it. All you need to do is reach within you and shake his or her hand. Then go make some magic. Go outside and look at the stars for no other reason than to feel their timeless power. Watch the ripples on a lake or river and let the dancing reflection of the sun hypnotize you until you can no longer spell iphone…or Google. Sit down upon the soft grass and let your hands grasp and hold it until you feel each blade as if it were part of you. Pull over and stare at that rainbow in the sky before it is gone. Climb a hill and just stare at the horizon while imagining the possibilities.

I am not saying to do it all the time. We have so many things pulling us in different directions, though, don’t we owe it to ourselves take a moment, to take some time to wonder and marvel at the magic around us? Let your inner wizard be your guide. Make some time to wonder.


  1. Big fan of wonder. Nice post.

    My inner wizard is my inner child, and she took me roller skating a couple of times lately. I broke my wrist, but she helped me keep things in perspective. 🙂 We’ll skate again when we’re healed, but I’ll insist that she wear wrist guards. We will wonder, and wander, a bit more safely.

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  2. Well written, a beautiful reflection of what is truly waiting inside. The day my spirit within started ‘chatting’ with me, my world changed forever. The love I was shown was beyond anything I could imagine and because of that I ‘knew’ that what I was within, just looking out to experience this very ‘conditional’ world, was so that I would understand that love and become the ‘unconditional’ we all seek, that happiness that always seems to elude us, even after achieving some perceived goal. And slowly realising it is actually patiently waiting inside us, to ‘see’ that everything ‘out there’ has purpose, to guide us back within where the target has always been, that self love that we deny ourselves through our fears.
    Great share, thank you ❤

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