I wish

I wish the stars were within my reach,
For I would gather their magic and give it to you.
I wish that the song in my heart was the rhythm of the world,
So all others could dance with the  joy I feel when I think of you.
I wish that pain and passion were not born of the same womb,
So each loss would not shutter and close the window of hope.
I wish that hate was a dinosaur,
So we could see it in a museum and not taste it’s bitterness.
I wish that love could reach the bleakest soul,
So it, too, would feel the warmth of your Sun and live again.
I wish that your beauty could be served to feed the world,
So that those without hope would no longer go to bed hungry.
I wish the years without you were not,
So that their memories would be burnished with your presence.
The last I would refuse to make, however
If it meant losing the you I have now.


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