Autumn’s Fall

She pulls her blanket of grey over me.
The rippled darkness that covered my sleep
Is not the angry sky of a summer storm.
It is a welcome one when morning’s filtered light
Shows the remnants of her tears that she shed
While I rested from a day’s heated toil and labor.
I step out and smile at the hidden sunrise
Feeling her first cool kiss upon this skin
Aching for her return to walk with me hand in hand.
Skyward I look and see the blanket that hid
Day’s first rays from my morning eyes.
I know she will blow away that cover with her breath
And whisk me along with her to dance among
The golden leaves, first fallen, that pay homage
To she, my beautiful  harvest Queen.

Inspired by @BrookeBreazeale and her beautiful writing in the piece Redemption. I loved feeling her exultation and exhilaration for this time of year, and what she experienced. This is my way of expressing the same thing that happened overnight and this morning here in the deep south.


    1. Thank you. Hopefully I was able to accurately transfer my experience through this piece. One advantage of my lengthy commute is I can mumble the words in my brain if something inspires me. Of course, it often means I need to set them to “paper” soon as I get into work. LOL

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  1. It amazes me what you can do with words. They rise effortlessly from the page, gracefully but adamantly guiding me through the steps of an unfamiliar dance that I instinctually know and simply don’t want to end. And the fact that it is my words that occasionally help inspire yours completely blows my mind….
    All to say, this poem is intoxicating and I’m honored to have been a part of bringing it to life.

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    1. What truly lovely, lovely praise. (stay away from the darker or more intense ones like the two previous ones LOL). I love the way you described it as a dance you “don’t want to end”. I don’t see how you cannot know that you are so able to inspire. All you need to do is look at how you touch the people you do, then look in the mirror. You are a gift.

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