Two Words

What do you see when you look inside me?
You stare into these eyes hoping to catch a glimmer
Of reality’s signpost pointing to this one’s soul .
Is it sharing? Is it caring? Will it nurture?
Is he dark?  Daring? Commanding and futile?
I study you and see the words soundlessly forming,
Afraid to give them voice lest you succumb,
Hesitant to open your hungry mouth and ask.
I stare back and see the door you fear to open
Burning like a firebrand in your seeking eyes.
I’m reflected back at you until there’s no denial.
I’ll let you hear it from these lips. From my tongue.
I will open my soul if you wish. You can have it. Take it.
I will gift to you such clarity of purpose,
The answer to the question you fear to ask,
Because it craves you. Because it will carve you.
There is only one answer that can satiate,
And only one word that can claim my answer. Your prize.
Only one word to breathe life and restore you.
Only one word to answer. To balance. To bear you.
To bare you, at last, and leave you unashamed. Unafraid.
Knowing it is the only word that will finally open you to you.


        1. That’s nice to know. Not sure if you’ve gone back and looked at any of my earlier ones, like the original 4 poems in the #darkness called Mirror of Darkness I wrote. They are older so don’t appear easily. They are:

          Part 3 was the first one I wrote and spawned the others which were done in order after it.

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