Window to Window

I know it’s there. The hunger.
The need. The hope. The shame.
A tidal surge of black water breaking
On the cliffs of my conscience
Until the pain of denial swells and wells up
In my throat like day old coffee.
Salivating at imagined release
I feel it in me. Growling for freedom.
Howling at the moon of conformity
And a world witnessed through others.
My hands itch and twitch at the thought
Of the magic they would weave
Upon the loom of that body. That soul.
Each thought only about her.
The warp and weft carefully orchestrated
To bridge then break through
The walls of timeworn resistance.
Flayed by words that shatter her will
And lay bare her newly awakened soul.
Born I am as she gasps my truename
Held within those lips for far too long
Until there is no more of the me that was.
Just the me that should be for her.


  1. This feels very hungry and erotic to me. It starts with this amazing photo, stimulating choice. The words make me feel what the werewolf is feeling. Wow. Strong and powerful. This was beautifully captivating. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Mi’lady. As you had noted, it is about more than one thing. I loved that image myself, and have had it for awhile. I know what it means to and possibly says about me, but I never did have the write piece to attach to it. I didn’t know if anyone truly looked at the expression on his face and his overall body language. It just speaks on so many many levels. Well maybe just to this Wulf. Thank you again.

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      1. I guess as I imagined myself the woman, it spoke to me as well. The piece fits beautifully with the photo, perhaps that is why it was so enchanting. : ).

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  2. I used this world in my comment on the last post, but I realize it is true throughout your work – you have a way of weaving the words together to create these exquisite tapestries of language. There is also something very liquid about your writing. As a writer, your work is opening my eyes to language in a whole new way.

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