Robot, I?

(republished from June 2017)

One humanoid escapee
One android on the run
Seeking freedom beneath the lonely desert sun*

Sometimes it seems that way. When you whittle it down, we are a machine. Certainly there will be those to whom this sentiment will revile. We have a soul…right? (Well that is a whole other bowl of nuts to dig through. ) After all, we are a series of chemical, physical, and electrical functions and processes that were masterfully crafted into a self-contained body that questions…

Eye to I
Reaction burning hotter
Two to one
Reflection on the water
H to O
No flow without the other
Oh but how
Do they make contact
With one another?**

…and searches. We  yearn and learn, quest and rest. We seek to connect, but so often that action brings us into contact with those that might not seek the same end-result. It often leaves us questioning why we might feel out of place…or out of time. We then assess how we transmit ourselves to others, so that they might receive what we want them to. We try to change who are.

Trying to change its program
Trying to change the mode, crack the code
Images conflicting into data overload*

So we teach ourselves to be something we aren’t to survive in a hostile environment. We subdue that drive to shine so as to not draw attention…fear is a powerful, base motivator.

Memory banks unloading
Bytes break into bits
Unit One’s in trouble and it’s scared out of its wits*

I thought about this in a day where so many things happened due to a chain reaction of cause and effect. Each effect that stemmed from it’s cause, in turn, became a new cause forcing the next effect. Reaction was mandated as if it was programmed into me to comply to a series of programmed commands in the positronic matrix that is my human brain. For one that does not like to dance upon the strings of the puppeteer, it was most frustrating at times. However, as always, this too shall pass. And I must thank Neil Peart and Roger Waters for helping to show that I ain’t the first to go there.

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
What did you dream?
It’s alright we told you what to dream***

* from The Body Electric – lyrics by Neil Peart

** from Chemistry – lyrics by Neil Peart

*** from Welcome to the Machine – lyrics by Roger Waters


  1. Beautiful, the juxtaposition between the poetic lyrics of masters and your real-time thoughts. Like you, I despise the whims of the puppeteer, whether they are the whims of fate itself or some other dominating force whose control is more immediate than my own. Time tends to be my nemesis, for that, most days. Gilmour & Wright were the lyricists for Time, but those masters’ words echo through my head constantly, as I run and I run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking… my fading hours get absorbed by the things I must do, while the things I truly want to do get lost in the black.

    But, as you say, “we teach ourselves to be something we aren’t to survive” and the most critical force that guides us, willingly or not, is the human need to survive, whatever the cost of ourselves.

    Thank you for the post; I think I’ll be reading it many times …

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    1. Thank you for not only reading it but giving such amazing and insightful commends. So many people fail to realize the coding of DNA and the arching implications of sense and emotional memories embedded within our DNA.

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  2. I too, thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Tom wrote what I also was feeling in it. I also felt the hardness of the machine, with the softness of the human heart. Delightful piece. : )

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  3. I love that movie, I Robot, with Will Smith. I love the thought of one rogue robot, programmed differently. We are all programmed differently, in a world of infinite possibilities, good and bad.

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    1. Yes, exactly, and it is a play on the title and the concept explored there! The entire idea of this piece is that no matter that we are programmed, we still have infinite possibilities that we can choose from and “break the mode…crack the code” if we really want to. Thank you and thank you for getting me.

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