The Year of the Necromancer – Post Apocalyptic Breakdown

Not sure who all are still along the river raft ride from hell that are these sets of blog posts, but I felt it was time to take you back into the rapids of 2005.  This won’t be a long ride, but make sure you have your life vest on…it will be bumpy.

When last we left the party, I had told everyone about the first trip down and what we encountered. It was obvious that we no longer had a home. We were now living in a hotel room with 12 cats, and had no idea what we were going to do. At least we had flood insurance, so we knew we would have some relief to rebuild and return. At least I still had a job, although the city was out of commission. I stayed in touch with them and then went to the office of our owners which was, luckily enough, in Baton Rouge. You might recall I told you to put a pin in about this in the prior post called Heralding Death.

We spent the first day trying to figure out our options, including getting fuel for our deliveries, etc. Unfortunately there were  just too many unknowns and no prior experience for something like this. All we had was more questions. So it was decided we would just hang tight and circle back the following week. I stayed in contact with the owner and another. That was until the final time I spoke with them and they told me that since they had lost a couple locations and had no idea what was going on, they were going to “eliminate my position”. Yes you heard it right…about week after I found out we lost our home and had no place to live, I was told I no longer had a job. So a BIIIIIIG MERRY FUCK YOU to those people I knew before the storm, that recruited and hired me away, and who’s business stayed up and running and are doing just fucking wonderful!!! I was devastated…lost…confused…and was (and still am) the only source of income for my family. BTW did I say FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS yet? So this, my bloggy friends is how I ended up in Baton Rouge, and how I ended the year 2005. No home…no job…a wife…12 cats…and enough fear and anxiety of the future that anyone’s therapist could probably retire if I had seen one. It’s a wonder I didn’t climb a bell tower or return to my days of drinking and drugs. Hmmm, maybe I should have.

So, Ahab…Kybo Mein Doobage…


    1. Hey there. So you decided to read about that adventure, did you? Yeah it was a clusterfuck for sure. We did have that at the time. Out brood of rescues and adoptions, though as grown since then, even though we have lost a few in the years following that event.

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  1. I knew I’d heard that last line, somewhere, but couldn’t place it. 😉 Thank you, Google-machine.

    By the way, the pics have been absolutely amazing for this run, and this one the best yet. Just … profound.

    As for your former employers… way to stick together in a crisis, bums. Money over people, sir; that’s the American way. 😕

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