Morning Kiss

Little by little it comes;
Building drip to falling drop.
Tiny explosions shatter, rippling
Into a thousand points of their self.
Descending damp dampens sounds
While quieting the day’s expectations.
Rivulets from the sky shower my world
And leave weaving pools that trail to pools
And puddle upon the pavement
Of my Saturday morning soul.


  1. My brain feels euphoric reading this. I get it, like really get it, and it’s pinging in all these different places in my brain. How do you do that? Giggle …. so fun! Thank you. Good morning to you too.

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    1. First, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I love it when you come here.

      OMG thank you for that wonderful description of how it seemed to you. I can let you know it was happening as I wrote it, which might have helped since I wasn’t trying to recall something.

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        1. Was trying to state how much I like seeing your comments on my poems. (if not clear on that). The other part was that I was writing the poem as the rain was falling outside the big front window, so I was sort poetically documenting the moment instead of recalling a prior one.

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