Breath upon breath does nothing to ease the tide
In the silence that followed her plea.
Down cast eyes fail to return her to her.
Softly falling  footsteps shatters with sound
And presence approaching causes heart to beat again.

Moment of stillness followed by feel of silk.
Torn string of her shredded self is looped to wrists. To soul.
Finger to chin is fire on skin as he lifts her, slowly, to face him.
Gaze upon gaze, her will she gives and his smile turns her to water.
Lifted by silk-bound hands to lips. With kiss he says “Mine”.

Dark Union – Part II


  1. I absolutely adore the visuals you created in this scene. It is passionate and beautiful. The connection you created between them was exciting.
    Her “please” question, with his “mine” answer, was intimate and stimulating. ❤️ Hot! : )

    Liked by 1 person

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