a+∑³x((∑β³α)+Ωؼ)-∞λƒ∑ƒ²¹ = YOU!

This won’t be a long one…but it says what I want it to.

I’ve seen more than a couple blog posts recently where the writers have apologized for who they are, or how they are feeling. They are beautiful people who are the sum of their parts. It is not our place to isolate those parts and judge them on their individual existence outside of the formula that equals them. It is BECAUSE of all these parts they are them. I am not suggesting that there aren’t parts that need control or help reconciling. I am, however, vehemently stating that you should not, need not apologize to anyone for that part being in your particular formula. Who the hell is ANYONE to judge.

So this is a global gut check and shout out from me to you. You never need to apologize for part of your unique formula. None of you are bad or worthless. Given what I have seen for bad, evil people, I’ll take your flaws and call you gold



    1. You are welcome. While it really is a shame that you, or anyone, needs reminding of their worth, we are a people connected (that whole butterfly effect on a social consciousness level), and it is important to that we not forget to take the time and flutter our wings for the benefit of others when needed.

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