In a darkened room she stares
Through lace curtained window
Willing the gloom to part.
Her ice-blue eyes flit and dart
In fevered search and anxious desire.

She tugs and pulls at her night’s gown
As it cloys and binds with the weight of want.
The building heat begins to wear
As sanity’s coil burns to ash from the fires
That ceaselessly broil and build within.

Need born of want gives way to crave
And she becomes ache from the touch
She now longs; for all else pales.
Leopard like in a cage she paces and prowls
Shredding the last vestiges of her restraint.

Hair matted across her brow moist with sweat
She turns and sees him standing. Resolute.
Naked and glistening she falls to her knees
With shoulders bent and hands raised
Her eyes full of hunger she whispers. Please.

Dark Union – Part I


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