Gypsy Soul-dier

She stood alone along the wired wall
Defiantly defeating her fear and doubts.
Her journeys global, the worldly watcher,
Armed with her beliefs. True but isolating.
She fought with the strength of mountains eternal.

Heart beaten and battered but never broken.
The well of this gypsy’s soul is deep.
Fed by springs of kindness. Caring. Concern.
She fought for those that cannot speak
To free their pain. She took it as her own.

She’ll never know the range of relief.
The lives she touched through deed.
Her words cascaded and ripped away the veil
For any and all brightened by the briefest of her contact.
Nevermore I see the world again through the ignorant eyes.

Humbly…I thank you for what became a soul searching journey for me. You are truly beautiful, amazing, insight-fully intellectual, and a unique soul.


  1. Reblogged this on Summoning Magic: A Gypsy's Tale and commented:
    I wanted to share this post that brandewijnword wrote yesterday…not only because it is a beautifully expression, but also because it was his thoughts after reading pretty much the entirety of my journey here. It just left me speechless and so grateful that is what he took away from a part of my story. It’s hard to take, to be honest, but always what I will aspire to be and do.
    Please take the time to visit his blog. His poems are stunning-sometimes mysterious and elusive, sometimes transparent and adamant….and always leaving you wishing there were more to follow.

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