Echo Chamber

I wave. I spin. I run. I dance.
My movements are meaningless
To eyes dead and white.
Perfect pirouettes are nothing in a vacant hall.
Do you see me?

I speak. I whisper. I shout. I scream.
My words sound like chatter
To ears ill attuned.
Oratorious speeches won’t move an empty audience.
Do you hear me?

I reach. I grasp. I hug. I hold.
My touch is like smoke
To one buffeted by the winds of others.
Passionate embraces pass through people made of vapor.
Do you feel me?

I see you. I call you. I beg you. I need you.
My wants are unnecessary
Within a box hollow and dark.
A heart’s tender mercies are lost on Narcissus.
Do you want me?

Originally published by me on 9/28/17


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