Some of the writers I follow have recently published some items on their blogs that have made me think about how and why we view things. It so comes down to perspective. The Cambridge dictionary defines perspective in the following way:

a particular way of viewing things that depends on one’s experience and personality:

I wish to credit the following with their writings and show the impact they had on me:

@Merbear74 for this post on depression.

@Serendipitous Web Life for this poem about a country girl visiting the city.

@BrookeBreazeale for her powerful and brutally honest blog on her current state.

(I strongly recommend you read these if you haven’t already.)

All of our lives are spent building a unique blueprint for our world. Yes, we born into the same world, but every single encounter, passive or active, imprints it’s unique signature upon our unique self. Imagine getting 10 people in a room and present them with flash cards of of various images for them to go through and give a preference reaction. Given enough questions, you will not find 2 are the same. Here is a simple list of this or that questions for people to see what I mean:

What do you prefer:
1. Dog or Cat
2. Christmas or Halloween
3. Flintstones or Jetsons
4. Munsters or Addams Family
5. Chocolate or Vanilla
6. Waffles or Pancackes
7. Mac or PC
8. Big Party or Small Gathering
9. Bath or Shower
10. Car or Truck
11. Mountains or Beach
12. Coke or Pepsi
13. Coffee or Tea
14. City or Country
15. Toilet paper: Over or Under

There are 75 possible combinations of these 15 questions. 15 experiences that most of us have already had. Just imagine, how many of these experiences begin to imprint themselves upon us from the day we are born until the day we die. The problem, however, is that we humans have a fundamental flaw that makes us judge others based upon OUR experiences that gave us the answers to these questions. Why would we do that when we don’t want to be judged, let alone have judgement passed based upon someone else’s experiences. Perspective is reality. Period. Just because I might be comfortable in a room full of strangers does NOT mean someone else is less than, or weak because they are anxious around people they don’t know. Just because I might loves to dance in the rain does not mean that someone who cries when it rains is beneath me or does not have value. Why is this so fucking hard for humans to get? If anyone who reads this were to really know me, they would think I am nothing like my writings. I am a business professional in an industry and environment that does NOT understand nor appreciate empathy or creativity. I am in an industry where the median mental capacity of the average person is high-school education at best. Those that do truly know me, however, know that I am able to function within either world. Necessity, experience, skill, AND luck, have all helped to shape me so that I can successfully function in a world void of those things that actually touch me. There is, however, spillage.

Believe me when I tell you there are times where I will say or do something that causes a look of profound confusion upon the faces of so many. I am ok with that. In fact, I thrive on that. I need to cause that degree of confusion to continue to feel unique. My uniqueness is a summation and totaling of all the answers to the many this or that questions throughout my life. It also reaffirms that my perspective is the only perspective that matters when it comes to me. I need to remember, however, that my perspective is the one that doesn’t matter when it comes to you…or anyone else.
@Merbear74 recently revealed some things that helped me understand her world and perspective. Thank you so much for that.

@BrookeBreazeale replied to a comment in the blog entry that I referenced above. Here’s a snippet from the comment:

“I know, my blog is a telling of events that unfolds in a bit of a circuitous manner, so questions are valid. Most of the answers are in there on some level, the whole disaster that has been the last year, it just takes some work to piece it all together.”

So to put my money where my mouth is (instead of my foot for a change which @Serendipitous Web Life could probably tell you about), I make this promise to Brooke and to all of you. I will dig…deep…into her honest “telling of events” to find her and try to understand her world of this or thats. Because that is her world and her perspective. After that, I will dig into the past writings of those that have them.  Because that is your  world and your perspective. And those are the only ones that matters and the only ones I need to know.


  1. See? Told you I would find it here, and I did!! Your perspective is one I very much admire, so I am thrilled that we are now blog friends. The three blogs you shouted out here, are also ones I follow and love. What an amazing world it is in here – it’s incredible what we can all learn from one another!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it is incredible. The shared connections and new experiences have been very eye opening for me. And I count myself lucky for the friends I have made and continue to make through these blogs.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. A very straightforward and honest post. Really powerful.

    In case you want to know:

    1. Dog (sorry)
    2. Christmas
    3. Flintstones
    4. Addams Family
    5. definitely Chocolate
    6. Pancakes (though I LOVE waffles too)
    7. PC
    8. Both (extroverted introvert here)
    9. Bath
    10. Car
    11. Both
    12. Neither
    13. Coffee (though I love tea as well)
    14. City (though I love country, but only to visit, not to live in)
    15. What on Earth….?

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  3. I am with Tanya; yours is a perspective that I admire. I also admire that you are interested in other people’s perspectives and that you allow yourself to truly look and therefore truly see. What we see of course always has roots in our own perspective, but there is so much to learn if we allow others in.

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