Electric Shadows

Crackling neon halos of lamplight
Break the blackness of night’s veil.
Two forms flow like fluid through bluish flares
Of alternating dim and bright.
Their hands are one as shadows touch and merge
Dancing across pavement cracked and scored
Until love’s destiny did drive them further.
Blocked by buildings and boxes high
Shadow arms embrace in union deep and strong,
Writhing and riding the waves of desire
That hold and herald their love.


  1. The city is harsher, I think. Brick and glass and concrete, are all hard and rough. I danced to car noise. I smiled to homeless people. I window shopped the materialistic world. (Even dipped my feet in and bought a couple of things.)
    I tried, baby, I tried.

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  2. Aww… you’re being encouraging… it felt like a comforting hug. Thank you.
    The only thing I enjoyed were all the different cultures I saw. I don’t always appreciate my lily white rural world. I enjoy people of other cultures. That was neat. : )

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