My First Love – A Not So Close Proximity

I don’t know why, but I thought it time to share something with you all. I want to tell you about the time when my heart first felt a new type of beat within it’s young breast.  We’ve all had the experience. Think back…it wasn’t sexual because you were probably too young to have any understanding of sexual things. I remember the moment I saw her. I remember that face, framed in brown hair with brown eyes that were turned slightly downward…and oh that smile. It was 1970, and I still recall the cute, little pink outfit she wore. She loved that outfit. Every time I saw her, that’s what she had on. She hung out with a few friends of hers, and I would see them on Saturdays. I never got the chance to tell her how I felt as she 19 and I was only 9. Well that and New Orleans wasn’t anywhere near California. Her name was Joy. Her friend’s were Harmony, Courage, I.Q., and their littlest friend Sparky. They were known as the Bugaloos, and I was IN LOVE!!! For those that might not be familiar:

The Bugaloos is an American children’s television series, produced by brothers Sid and Marty Krofft, that aired on NBC on Saturday mornings from 1970 to 1972. The show features a musical group composed of four British-accented teenagers, who live in fictional Tranquility Forest. They wear insect-themed outfits with antennae and wings which allow them to fly, though on occasion, they are shown flying on surfboards. They are constantly beset by the evil machinations of Benita Bizarre, played by comedian Martha Raye. Bizarre, being untalented and ugly herself, is covetous of the Bugaloos’ musical prowess


Here is my first love Joy (Carol Ellis) in the very outfit she wore for 17 episodes with the opening song of the the show:


Feel free to share your firsts in posts of your own or in the comments here. If you decide to spread the story via a blog, please link back.


  1. I think I was about the same age when Annette Funicello came into this little boy’s life through a small b&w tv with the Mickey Mouse Club. I think my mother always wondered why our screen was full of smudges.

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