Passion Play

You may have read some of my single word titled, individual poems about various human conditions, states, and/or or emotions. I feel these are often all-consuming with a power that has the ability to either lift or reduce one to a different place. Some of them even have a duality that could do either. What follows is the end result of my meager attempt at a grander purpose to touch on these and bring them together within a single piece of work.

Body and mind together but apart
On spiraling roads of discovery.
New worlds we explore at every bend
And find the parts of we. Of you. Of me.
It starts with a crush come unbidden.
A spark exploding to draw one forth
And begin a journey that will shed and shred.
Desire once dormant grows slowly within
And layer upon layer builds upon itself
Until, alas, voracious need takes over.
Night’s blissful dance, the waltz of passion,
Begins with a kiss and touch that transforms.
Just the fleeting fantasy of a lover, though. Not love.
And so with twisting angst does jealousy bloom.
It’s prickly petals take hold. Take root
As the kudzu of rage defiles, devours
The grace, the beauty that was the dancer.
Defiled but not destroyed a flicker remains,
The returning signpost appears ahead
And gives hope as it points to peace once more.

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