What makes a connection? I’ve been pondering this of late. There are so many types of connections people make in the world. The typical ones start at birth. The newborn connects, for the first time, with the beings that are their mother and father. One of these beings they were literally tethered to for 9 months. How much more connected can one be? So those first moments of touch, of bonding, start them down the conduit of life where they will connect with so many. This isn’t a post about how formative those first years are in preparing one to have successful connections. I’ll only be able to see and speak on this through the goggles of my personal experience.

The years roll by through link after link, bridge after bridge, as we go through early childhood. We meet other small units like ourselves and begin to find out a little about our own personal programming as we play and begin to learn while filling our memory banks with all sorts of new data. What wonderful, sometimes scary time of discovery. The connections we formed were simple, and not clouded by the darker manifestations that would come. You know. THAT day. The day you first felt that the opposite sex was not something to avoid. That was the day the whole world shifted on it’s axis and would forever change how we relate and connect with others…the day that innocence died.

The constant search to fill a void that never existed before would rule so many as they continued to follow the conduit of their life through a myriad of more and more complex connections. These connections, however, were fraught with dangers and defenses we were so unprepared to face and counter. We would leap from access point to access point hoping for a more secure connection. Each had a firewall and several sub-routines of programming to misdirect. Some even had viruses to attack any who would try to connect too closely. Luckily, though, there were connections that made sense. Maybe it would not become a lasting connection, but would simply leave it’s presence in the memory banks to always be there for recall, comparison, and review. For some, though, it would become a lasting connection. The physical coupling of that connection would culminate in the creation of life, a life instilled with the simplest of routines and programming. And the two units that had managed to find a way to connect, through a maze of unproductive and confusing connections of their own reach out and touch, for the first time, the new unit. They look down but fail to realize the power of the countless connections that brought them here. Years ago, they were the new unit. They were the one reaching out to connect, for the very first time, to the two that had done just the same thing.


  1. This post made me question why I am the way I am. I was adopted, and word on the street is that I was placed in an old folks home while I waited for my forever home. Apparently nobody played with me or touched me, and I spent a lot of time alone. I wasn’t nurtured then, and haven’t really been since. But I am someone who forms deep connections with people and treasures them above anything else. Not sure where it comes from, I am just thankful that I feel this way. I love watching parents connect with their kids, and when I see visible love in their eyes I am overwhelmed, because I know how lucky those kids are to be loved in such a way. One day they will look back and appreciate it. Really great post. You hurt my head this morning and made me think. Thanks for that!

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  2. Superb post. I think if people were more conscious of the evolution of their interpersonal connections, they’d be more inclined to make wise choices later in life when the effects of such choices have the potential to make or break one’s life.

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