Rush Reboot (bonus track) – Afterimage (1984)

The song Afterimage from the album Grace Under Pressure.

I wasn’t planning a Reboot bonus track this week. However, in light of some posts about losses and comments of cosmic energies, I wanted to share something with you all, for Paul, aka @desertcurmudeon. This one’s for you my brother.

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

Suddenly —
You were gone
From all the lives
You left your mark upon

I remember —
How we talked and drank
Into the misty dawn
— I hear the voices

We ran by the water
On the wet summer lawn
— I see the foot prints
I remember —

— I feel the way you would
— I feel the way you would

Tried to believe
But you know it’s no good
This is something
That just can’t be understood

I remember —
The shouts of joy
Skiing fast through the woods
— I hear the echoes

I learned your love for life
I feel the way that you would
— I feel your presence
I remember —

I feel the way you would
This just can’t be understood…


      1. You can always assume that if it’s Rush, I’m familiar with it. I’ve traveled many off-beaten-paths into punk and indie and industrial and experimental and electronica and reggae and pretty much anything you can think of — and Rush is still my favorite band, bar none.

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