Dark Waters

I. Alone. A solitary figure strides along a barren beach;
The shards of my soul worn down to glassy grains of want.
Swollen clouds blanket the sky with bruised explosions
Beating the hungry figure now kneeling at her black shore.

Searching, seeking, I crawl along the edge of darkness.
Like the hem of a skirt that trails, deeper she leads.
I try to turn and move from the water’s edge. Helpless.
The ebony waves of your tidal touch kiss and lap over me.

Hisses of dark ecstasy erupt from me with each caress,
And the primal pull of her call overwhelms.
Wave after wave she ceaselessly sends. Cascading. Commanding.
A final surge to take me. To free me. Engulf me.

Lost in the inky world she creates for us
I twist and turn as each kiss sears me. Marks me.
With salacious smiles she makes me hers
As I float, aching, to buoy forever within her.


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