Conjoined Posts

You might recall a couple posts I made. One was about the beautiful fungi on a log in our front yard. The other was about the raccoons that have decided that we are their Shangri-La. So here is a photo I took the other day when the two merged. The families came to enjoy the bird seed we are constantly putting our for all of our feathered friends.


Yes, my friends, you are counting 9 of the little buggers. We try NOT to let them stay out front as it tends to make others humans in the area a wee bit nervous. Ever try to convince nature to do something different? Yeah, good luck with that.


  1. my friend had a pet raccoon, in the middle of the city, she used to take it for walk on a lead. was all very odd and wrong id say. she ended up giving it to a rescues place as she couldn’t look after it properly

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