I have upgraded my WordPress plan to gain additional features, and I was able to create as a custom domain. I noticed that my content is already there, as it made the new domain my primary one. I don’t know how all this works yet, so am not sure if I need to do anything else to update followers and such.

I would say let me know of any issues…but how would you if you don’t see them.


  1. This post appeared in my reader so it’s still just as accessible as before. But maybe something to monitor in the near future: both Maryellen and I experienced a ton of glitches for the first few weeks of our new pages, particularly our comments on other blogs going directly to spam. Hopefully, you won’t have similar annoyances.

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  2. well I have two WP blogs, one an org and one a dot com. I had to migrate followers and add subscribe instead of follow. not sure how yours is set up? but yeah this came up in my reader and it says im following you assuming this is the new one?

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  3. I’ve been looking at doing something similar. From what I understand, if you took the free domain offered by wordpress for the upgrade it should all be seamless. I was notified about this post in the usual way, so it looks like it worked ☺

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