Summer Fade

Explosion of final fragrance
Fights the waning warmth of summer.
Solitary blossom defiantly resists nature’s pull
To the blanketing herald of winter’s night.

Autumn’s eyes open in the distance.
The memory of future frost heralds the coming chill
To the spiced scent of ginger holding fast.
Not yet to succumb it breathes just for you.

Inspired by some of our late blooming ginger. When most of the plants are in full bloom, the smell permeates a large area of the back yard.


  1. Poignant. It’s a lovely thought that although they’re older, they’re still sweet. Unfortunately they’re unable to handle the harshness of winter. The last breath will be nurturing the soil. : )

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    1. Hadn’t thought of it that way. I had seen it today as I was getting generator ready in case we need it with these storms. The ginger will be back. Every year they wither and die, but come summer the 6′ green stalks are back and covered in those pink and white flowers. The smell of ginger hovers in the air in a very intoxicating manner.

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