The evening begins as striations of sky-blue, pink
Paint the twilight with darkening desire.
Fingers of cloudy grey stretch inward
And cross the horizon of your heart
With touches first gentle. I caress.

Rippling waves of electric reactions
Play in arcs about the night sky
And are echoed with response. Your response.
The rumblings of celestial war drums
Loudly bounce and boom around us. From us.

With quickening approach each vibrant flash is caught
In the throws of a storm that paints the night,
Paints the walls with our shadows dancing and entwined.
Passion’s perfect herald rains down
In torrents as the heaven’s open. For us.

Separate no more the wind the rain,
We two not twain but one
In the rhythm of it’s thunder. Our thunder.
All sound does merge. Our voices and lips
Eagerly seek the same. Our harmony.

Chaos unleashed the storm does sing.
It’s rapturous notes blast the world
As we the dancers dip and spin. Our music.
All eyes but two face upward to behold the majesty.
Lost to the world if only tonight. Our night.


  1. This one felt exciting. I love the connection between the storm and passion, because sometimes passion feels like a storm. Exhilarating! : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I have felt it both ways. Something also very passionate and exhilarating about a storm. I was wanting to find a way to express something positive from what is often a dangerous situation. Of course passion can make for a dangerous situation as well now that I think on it.

      Liked by 1 person

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