What’s In a Voice

We live in a world of self-directed communication, and here’s what I mean by that. Most of what we take in to our receptors today is via printed text on a device. It might be a news story on a computer screen, or 140 characters on phone, or hell, even some pedantic bloggers self-aggrandizing exploration of their life. (Yeah…I know what I just did there.)

The thing, however, that we do is run all those words through our own UNIVAC machine until it sounds the way we think it should. We are, so often, wrong about where those words were coming from or what the intent of the sender was when they initiated them. Often dead wrong. Wars have started for less. How many times have we thought we knew someone through their words, only to find out they are not what we expected. That can go either way, of course. They could be less…or more.

I had a more.

I have been texting, and emailing someone for a bit, until I was finally able to hear the voice behind the words. How we forget that a voice is made up of waves of vibrations, alternating in the amplitude of their frequency, until those waves penetrate our ears to be decoded and felt within our heads. Sympathetic vibrations anyone?

The joy I felt as my mind danced to the cadence of the way those words were phrased…to the timbre of that voice…the lilt of that laugh. It was refreshing and exciting. I strongly encourage any and all to stop translating someone’s message into the voice you think it should be…let that voice ring clear and speak to you in it’s purest form…that of the voice of the sender. Let it wrap around you and cascade over you until there can be no hiding from it’s intent. Then wear it like a blanket pulled fresh from the dryer on a winter morning.

  1. the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body.
Better yet…be the catalyst for synesthesia in someone else. You might never know the effect it has on them, but they will thank you for it.
Voices carry.


  1. Totally agree. It’s a conversation we’ve had with our son multiple times. What he thinks should be funny (in a text message) comes across as rude and flippant. I like texting and email for simple things, but for anything of substance, nothing can beat an actual “voice”.

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  2. I for sure prefer the voice on the phone rather than the text. Just like I prefer a book to an e-reader. That being said … there are moments when you just need to convey a quick piece of information while one or both parties are not in a position for a conversation and may actually be busy. ANd sometimes when travelling, it is nice to take a stack of books on one small device rather than carry several books. So I believe that there is a use for all. The machinery of course, is just a tool, not an actual form of interaction necessarily.

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  3. I so love this! It’s spot on. I’ve realized this as a result of my recent crash course in online dating…I insist on talking to them before we meet. You can extrapolate so much from someone’s voice- their timbre, infliction, if the talk fast or slow, even kindness.. you can hear kindness in someone’s voice.

    “Let it wrap around you and cascade over you until there can be no hiding from it’s intent. Then wear it like a blanket pulled fresh from the dryer on a winter morning.”

    Absolute poetry. Beautiful post.

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    1. Thank you for finding me and reading some of my blatherings. I am glad you connected with this one. You describing that line may show why I started writing some actual poems. I look forward to reading more of your entries.

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  4. I half expected an audio recording of your voice at the end of this one. 😉

    A few years ago, my wife and I were having some issues, and we decided to talk to a counselor about it. After a very short time talking to this counselor, she surmised our biggest problem was misunderstanding each other’s texts.

    “No more texting for the two of you; you are lousy at it!”

    It was half in jest, but she was mostly right. Because we were angry with each other over other things, we would read into the text messages something entirely different than the intent. Talking to each other worked out a lot better, at least until we got through that little bump in the road.

    (I’m happy to say we did, and came out of it the happiest we’ve ever been, and still are, to infinity, etc, etc)

    So, I completely agree.

    But I still half expected to hear that audio. 🙂

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