Right to Rant

Please allow me to wallow and rant for a moment. I promise I won’t linger in this cesspool of bleakness for many, if any, other posts. This one might also meander a bit, but it is MY blog.


“Anger is an energy” j. lydon
Anger is not an emotion. It is the energy created in response to certain emotions.


I am angry. I am tired. Tired of the yelling. Tired of the tense expressions. Tired of the lying. Tired of the ignorance and unwillingness to listen. I am angry at the idiocy of a human race that ushered in this environment without even TRYING to foresee the results and outcomes of those choices. Unfortunately, we are brow-beaten daily with one or more of these things. When did the following words become four letter ones?

compassion; civility; respect; reflection

When did these words become signs of weaknesses. I remember my father fondly. He was a great man, and not just by my estimation. He was a high school teacher. I will never forget the service after he died, as it was like a scene from a movie. The sheer number of former peers and students that came to pay their respects was mind boggling. My father was those four words above, and he was NOT weak. He was gentle. He was not an angry man. He was respectful. I often find myself wondering what he would be thinking and saying if he were alive today. Today’s world is not one that would give him pride. My father did not suffer fools.

I am not a young man myself. I wonder, however, how much of this is our fault. You know, the baby-booming-genX-cuspers? Did we do anything to try and prevent this? We didn’t grow up angry. Were we, however, so engrossed in our own game of hedonistic hopscotch that we allowed the world to spiral without us until those that came after us framed the world to what it is today? Did we help to create a world of haves and have-nots? (That’s really what seems to be at the core of most any conflict today.)

I remember having a conversation with my dad after another of his friends had passed. We talked a little about death. I remember him saying the longer you stay, the less you feel like you belong. Is this just natures way of preparing us to face our own mortality? Also, I don’t have children of my own unless you count our furry ones. I realized a few years back how that warps one’s perception of lineal time as it relates to this earth and our impact on it. I think in terms of what came before. I do not see things through the eyes of children. I do not look ahead and worry what world will be left to them, as I have no them. Holidays for us are to share with siblings and my mom. For those in my family with children, it is not the same. I am not saying this is bad…it’s just the way it is. Does that make those of us without children selfish? I don’t think so. There are a lot of people that selfishly had children and shouldn’t.

And most of the time it’s these people that are yelling with faces taught and fingers pointing. They lack respect for the ideas of others and feel no remorse when they aren’t civil as those are the signs of weakness. For you that remember The Breakfast Club movie and Emilio Estevez’s character Andrew, unlike me, he did not want to end up like his “old man.”

Andrew admits, “He’s like this mindless machine I can’t even relate to anymore.” He angrily imitates his father: “Andrew! You’ve got to be number one! I won’t tolerate losers in this family!” Sometimes Andrew just wishes his father would “forget all about me.”

It seems that’s the current state of the world, and sometimes I wish the world would do the same.


  1. Testify, my friend. I did not read that as a rant, but as a perfect encapsulation of the sad state of emotional affairs throughout the world. Like you, I have chosen to eschew passing my genes on to another poor sap, but the thing that keeps me concerned for future generations I will never meet and who will have no direct relation to me is the biggest of the big pictures: life, consciousness, all is one. Future children are me and you. Long dead individuals are me, are you. The dance is eternal, even if our temporary ego’s experience of it is temporary.

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  2. The depressing state of things currently in our world, I must acknowledge, but also have to keep a cool head about. My personal emotional world has been in somewhat of an upheaval since May of 2014. I have had moments of happiness yet a lot of loss that was hard for me to handle. Now in the middle of it a lot of change. For you to share your current frustrations is a way to reach a common ground with people and share that exchange. The details of my frustrations would just make me seem pathetic.

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  3. Like Paul said (Paul existed before I knew him?! 😉 ), this isn’t a rant, this is you. You, talking about your father, talking about the current, uncivil, state of the world. And it hasn’t changed since you wrote it. I want to change it.

    I reached “across the aisle” today to people I’ve argued with since July 2015. There has to be a better way. Have I been uncivil?

    I digress.

    What happened to this world?

    “Were we … so engrossed in our own game of hedonistic hopscotch that we allowed the world to spiral without us until those that came after us framed the world to what it is today?”

    Every generation rebels against the one before. Perhaps we did think that the world was better, and so we made light of it, made light of our own lives, and our frivolity gave birth to the earnestness we see today. Everybody believes so much in what they believe, now, that conversation is impossible. The middle ground has sunk. Or, worse, we have built too many walls.

    Maybe the next children won’t be so hard. Maybe Howe and Strauss are right, and we are in the Fourth Turning, the Crisis, and the High time is coming.

    I loved this piece, Wulf-man. You should rant more.

    After I’m done catching up, that is. 😉

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    1. Thank you so much for this and for continuing to read. I think I don’t like to rant because of how it makes me feel. The empath in me gets physically affected and it is not pleasant.

      That being said…I am sure I still will from time to time. I’ve gained more courage in writing prose…which is so odd as I never wrote poetry until July of last year and look at me.

      Strange things are definitely afoot at the Circle K.

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