Sun Days’ Slumbers

Recline in the grass and relax your gaze
As you encompass the horizon of possibilities.
Breathe in slowly. Deeply. Fully.
Fill your mind with ageless visions of paintings in the sky.
Watch the prancing and dancing of the wondrous white
Against a palette of pink and blue brushed canvas.
Name your soul search. Name your spirit walk.
Release them both with life freeing laughter
And let the sun bathe you with it’s healing rays of the infinite.


  1. The photo is amazing. Obviously, I see the dog, but I also see the laying man’s face looking up. Awesome.
    And, I think this is wonderful inspiration to be included in my day. Thank you so much for the suggestion, I think this will make my day better. : )

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    The hues of the sky metamorphosize, as the day
    and night intertwine. Slow molasses hours slide
    and I fade into the warms of my environment.

    The oranges of the passing days, and the pinks at

    Greens in the sun as I am alone in the heat of
    myself. Flesh throbbing familiar, though the itch
    delays in coming to the surface.

    Your scratch spreads the high like comfort to my

    Years from now I may see the stains on my
    radiance. The lines on my skin from the crimes
    I helplessly committed.

    For all the good of my transgressions, the polychrome

    The pigmentation will change with time. Painting
    me to be the colors that I am. Branding my eternity,
    to nigrify the compounds.

    Today I rest calmly in my ignorance and

    Sleeping in a deep sea of self realization, swimming
    through fluids cold and numb. Waking with a smile
    that I’ve seen on someone else before.

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